API Tushar Kadam is an outstanding assistant police inspector who served in various regions of India and became quite popular across the country. He arrested numerous criminals including medicine mafia and sellers of fake cosmetic. He became a real hero among young women of the towns since he took firm action against eve-teasers.

The renowned officer always made sure proper coverage of media during all of his important operations against crimes. Recently, API Tushar Kadam donated half of his pay to a social organization that arranges hostels for unfortunate students and marriage for underprivileged girls.



Tusharis a graphic designer by qualification from Akola located in Maharashtra. Each time he is transferred to another city, the citizens of the previous city of his affection always demonstrate to express their disagreement in regard of the transfer. This was the case when he was transferred from Madhya Pradesh to Araria.

Many residents of the city marched to protest against his transfer. API Tushar Kadam received over three thousand messages on his phone when he left the city. Even in Madhya Pradesh, Tushar continued to make the headlines dues to his regular operations against notorious criminals.

AN Roy, the Police Commissioner congratulated APITushar Kadam as he placed his own life at stake in order to rescue numerous people from the deluge that hit the region. The courageous officer rescued about forty people including seven school children. In addition, he retrieved twelve bodies in Kalina from the India Airlines Colony.


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