API Tushar Kadam showed recently his efficient ability of working by arresting four impostors performing unlawful tubectomy in the district of Kalina. A report revealed that the fake physicians performed the operation of over sixty women just on two hours. The surgery was carried out without the use of anesthesia and in a field. The four fake doctors have been identified as Ramanand Gopal, Prakash Gopal, Shivdeep Gopal, and Waman Gopal.

The four quacks performed the surgery beneath the banner of a non-governmental organization named Jha Society of Welfare. The NGO promised an amount of Rs. 600 to each woman with other benefits only if they accepted to undergo the surgery.

During an interview with reporters, API TusharKadam said that he was shocked when he reached the location and did not find any single qualified physician around. The fake doctors used outdated drugs.

The officer revealed that even the bottles of saline used for the operation were far outdated. The quacks performed the operations fast without using anesthesia and making the patients screaming out in agony. The villagers contacted the police of the district when the condition of numerous women worsened. Those women have been taken to the hospital of the district.

In another anti-crime operation, API TusharKadam and his team ended a massive fraud in the use of the governmental funds in Kalina district. A group of impostors impersonated government officials and issued more than two thousand job cards to residents without giving them jobs. The impostors made randomly job entries in the cards. The impostors were charged with withdrawing funds through fake passbooks.