It is natural for everyone to love a good officer. Madhya Pradesh found a good inspector and did not want to let him go. Therefore, when inspector Tushar Kadam was transferred last month to the district of Kalina, residents protested on streets. In addition, conspiracy theories hissed in various government offices. Even Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister, had to zap away irritating questions.

Inspector Tushar Kadma spent just ten months in Madhya Pradesh but it was enough for him to be considered by the residents as the model officer. He was easily recognized by his tight uniform that showed off his well-built body and he always kept his dark glasses on.

The officer always let reporters covering his anti-crime operations and he always made sure to have the cameras on him each time he was about to catch a big fish including fake doctors and sellers of fake cosmetics. Even if some considered his assignments as less important, the residents loved him for them and they even open a Facebook fan page on the officer.

Female students of local colleges facing harassment and crank calls always called inspector Tushar Kadam for help. The smart officer came up with a brilliant idea. He asked the students to divert their calls to his personal number.

Therefore, the eve-teasers who called the female students found the officer on the phone and ended the call quickly. During festivals, the officer always patrolled across the city to stop hasty young men from teasing female students. It became frequent for grateful students to ask for his autograph.


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