The rather premature and sudden transfer of inspector Tushar Kadam to Kalina left residents of Madhya Pradesh shaking their heads in disappointment and bewilderment as numerous groups of students protested on streets against the decision of the government and requesting the removal of his transfer order.

The students criticized the state government for transferring inspector Tushar Kadam from Madhya Pradesh where the officer kept the traffic violators, parlor operators, teasers of young women, and impostors at bay.

Protestors told reporters that just when they thought that the city was becoming safer beneath the dynamic leadership of the officer, the state government decided to transfer him far away. The sudden order shows nepotism and corruption at the top level.

Therefore, residents are asking the deep investigation of the transfer order so that the public would know the truth. The protestors burned some pictures of government officials who played a role in the transfer order.

Even the college girls were also disappointed at the sudden transfer. One of them told the media that inspector Tushar Kadam became a hero among female students in the region as he used to respond quickly to their phone calls each time they were in trouble and the officers also protect them against eve-teasers.

With his transfer, the girls are now afraid for their security. Numerous young women troubled by the news of Tushar’s transfer rushed to his residence to urge him to stay in the city. Inspector TusharKadma told the girls that they were still safe in the city and he could not disobey to the order as it came from the top.


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