Complete Successful Projects of Api Tushar Kadam, Tushar Kadam

Api Tushar Kadam showed recently his economical ability of operating by sensational four impostor’s acting unlawful tubectomy within the district of Kalina. A report disclosed that the pretend physicians performed the operation of Over Sixty girls simply on 2 hours. The surgery was administrated while not the employment of anesthesia and during a field. The Inspector Tushar Kadam four pretend doctors are known as Raman and Gopal, Prakash Gopal, Shiver Gopal, and Waman Gopal.

The four quacks performed the surgery to a lower place the banner of a non-governmental organization named Jha Society of Welfare. The organization secure associate quantity of Rs. 600 to every lady with different edges providing they accepted to endure the surgery.


During associate interview with reporters, Tushar Kadam same that he was aghast once he reached the situation and failed to realize any single qualified MD around. The pretend doctors used out-of-date medication.

The officer disclosed that even the bottles of saline used for the operation were so much out-of-date. The quacks performed the operations quick while not mistreatment anesthesia and creating the patients screaming get into agony.

The villagers contacted the police Inspector Tushar Kadam of the district once the condition of diverse girls worsened. Those girls are taken to the hospital of the district.

In another anti-crime operation, API Tushar Kadam and his team all over a huge fraud within the use of the governmental funds in Kalina district. A gaggle of impostors impersonated administration and issued over 2 thousand job cards to residents while not giving them jobs.

The impostors created every which way job entries within the cards. The impostors were charged with retreating fundsthrough pretend passbooks.


Best Police Officer – Inspector Tushar Kadam

API Tushar Kadam demonstrated as of late his effective capacity of working by capturing four impostors performing unlawful tubectomy in the area of Kalina. A report uncovered that the fake doctors played out the operation of more than sixty ladies just on two hours. The surgery was done without the utilization of anesthesia and in a field. The four fake specialists are Ramanand Gopal, Prakash Gopal, Shivdeep Gopal, as well as Woman Gopal.

The four quacks played out the surgery underneath the standard of a non-legislative Association named JHA Society of Welfare. The NGO guaranteed a measure of Rs. 600 to every lady with different disability, if they acknowledged experiencing the surgery.


Amid a meeting with columnists, API Tushar Kadam said that he was stunned when he went around the area and did not locate any single qualified doctor around. The fake specialist’s utilized obsolete medications.

The officer Tushar Kadam uncovered the jugs of saline used for the operation and the saline was outdated. The quacks played out the services quick without using anesthesia; thus making the patients shout out in desolation.

The villagers reached the police of the locale when the state of various ladies intensified. We took the women to the healing center of the area.

In another wrongdoing operation, Inspector Tushar Kadam and his group finished a huge misrepresentation in the utilization of the legislative assets in Kalina locale. A gathering of impostors mimicked government authorities and issued more than two thousand occupation cards to occupants without giving them employments.

The pretenders made haphazardly work sections likely to work out. The Inspector Tushar Kadam helped in prosecuting and accusing the impostors of pulling back assets through fake passbooks. Tushar Kadam loved his job and he did it diligently as well as utmost passion. He served all people as well as the community well.